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For the largest selection of used BMW's in and around Canterbury, visit Big Motoring World. We have one of the largest selections of used BMW's in the country.

Big Motoring World Reviews

The latest advertising campaign for Big Motoring World features none other than TV's Mr Mike Brewer of Wheeler Dealers fame. An obvious choice some might say as Mike has a long and varied history within the motor industry. Although this dealership is tucked away in a corner of the South East, they are big on reputation and style. Encompassing seven businesses in total Big Motoring World is the brain child of Mr Peter Waddell – himself a business who has dedicated the greater part of his life to the motor trade. So you can imagine that when these two decided to join forces, the end result is remarkable.
Mike originally from South London grew up with a more than average interest in cars which culminated in his late teens. Through sheer hard work and determination he went onto build the largest 4X4 centre in the South East of England and it seemed that his fate and future were settled. That was before he answered a friend's telephone call purely by chance and found himself talking to a TV producer. After what seemed quite a long chat and a few anecdotes, Mike found him-self fronting the first series of Deals on Wheels for Channel 4, where his forthright way of talking and honesty made him an instant hit with the audience. From there, he has presented a number of television shows over the years – most famously Wheeler Dealers, so he was an obvious choice as far as Big Motoring World was concerned.
But more of that later, for now let's find out a little bit more about the dealership which seems to be on everyone's lips when it comes to thoughts of purchasing a pre-owned BMW. 1989 saw the launch of what was to become the country's largest independent dealership of used BMWs, but the road to their current success has been long and not without a huge amount of dedication and hard work. For Peter Waddell is a man used to hard work and enjoys nothing more than putting his entrepreneurial skills to the test. He seems to have the balance just right between building those businesses which can offer an all-round service to his customers and teaming this with highly qualified personnel. This is a winning formula which has seen his empire grow to encompass the seven businesses that are currently part of the Big Motoring World group.
This would seem to be the key to Peter Waddell's success but obviously there has to be a combination of exceptional quality and customer service to realise this goal – this is exactly what he delivers time and time again with seamless effort. Nothing is and never will be too much trouble for his customers. It has always been one of his main ambitions – to bring these incredible cars within easy financial reach of ordinary people on the street. Let's start with the enormous range of high quality vehicles that are available within stock – in excess of five hundred at any given time. As the daily turnover is incredibly high, they receive frequent deliveries of some really amazing BMW models – the quality of which is more than superb. But even though on the surface these cars may appear to be of excellent quality, they have to be inspected and thoroughly tested to make sure that this is indeed the case, before they are allowed into the show room.
The next step is to enter all the relevant details onto the company website. This is accomplished using Autos on Show software – a multi-functional programme which allows you to maximise the coverage of each vehicle. A turntable effect allows you to view every aspect of each car from a three hundred and sixty degree angle as well as providing an extensive range of still photographs. Images can be selected or enlarged to greater effect. There is also the facility to opt for "Live View" – simply enter your name, email address and phone number and a member of the team will contact you to show you real time footage of your selected model. If you cannot spare the time to take part in this you can always have video footage sent to your email address for you to watch when you have more time. Useful information accompanies each image as-well including colour, mileage, engine size and the level of Co2 emissions. You can also find out which insurance bracket each car falls into and the amount of road tax that you will have to pay for each model. In short, you can find out everything you need to know without even setting a foot outside of your door. This takes online shopping to a whole new level and can save customers precious time wasted trawling from dealership to dealership.
But these are not the only details which are available online. Their website is a mine of information – in fact everything you need is at the touch of a button. Easy to navigate, the site provides a daily insight into the working day of this dealership. You can "meet the team" and find out exactly what role each member fulfils – this in itself has proven to be an eye opener. For the greater part, it would appear that Peter Waddell only welcomes those into his "family" that have a wealth of experience and expertise under their belts. Also they must have highly developed customer care skills which he demands when offering clients that warm and friendly atmosphere that he is so proud of. This is where you get the opportunity to watch the video made by Mike Brewer endorsing everything that makes Big Motoring World what it is, "Great cars, great people and great choice." With valuable links to other areas of the organisation you are bound to find exactly what you are looking for but if not there is a chance to chat on line to one of their advisers who are ready and will to answer any questions that you may have.
This is just one of the many things that Mike Brewer finds impressive about Big Motoring World – as he puts it "there's not a thing that these guys don't know about BMWs." So what is it about this dealership that has Mike so fired up? Well as well as some of the most outstanding examples of engineering that you are going to find anywhere, the value for money that they represent is phenomenal. But compromising on price does not mean a compromise on service – in fact the opposite is true. This is a dealership which is never knowingly undersold and sticks to its price promise of besting any deal on a comparable vehicle from another source. In fact it is precisely this promise that will see larger numbers of clients from much further afield than you would expect. Many of them are quoted as saying that even after taking into account the cost of travel, the offer that they have received has been far more lucrative than those found much closer to home. If this is the case, then why would you consider going anywhere else?
The sales team are made up of personnel who make it their goal to ensure that they find out as much as they can about each individual customer. For example, what is the main function going to be? Is it going to be for business and pleasure? Will it be the main family car and most importantly of all – what budget is available? All these questions and many more, assist the sales team when it comes to providing a number of cars which they feel would be perfectly suited. A test drive of one of these fantastic cars will spoil you for any other make for life – but can you afford it? Even if they represent great value for money, not many people have a large amount of disposable income to spare and so this is where a meeting with the on-site business manager becomes worth its weight in gold. Mike had a few words to say about this, "As Big Motoring World is a licensed credit broker they can tailor the finance to suit your needs." This is something that comes as a great relief and makes owning these remarkable vehicles a reality. An example of how this can work is displayed on their website and with a small deposit or trade in of your existing car; repayments can be arranged so that they make as small an impact on your finances as possible. There is always a very real worry when committing to a long term loan and this is something which their financial advisers understand perfectly well. In fact, they go to great lengths to make sure that both you and your vehicle are protected and can provide a whole range of insurance products to guarantee this. From comprehensive warranty packages to other incidental insurances, you can be assured that you will be covered for every eventuality should you choose to do so. In fact, if you choose to purchase a pre-owned BMW that is less than three years old, it will still be covered by the original manufacturers warranty but if this is not the case then one can be provided for you from Big Motoring World for between one and three years. As so many cars are sold within one day, you will be assigned your own handover personnel to ensure the smooth transition of ownership from dealership to client. In fact, they will be monitoring the sales process from the very beginning, right way through until the final handover, to ensure that there are no hitches.
So is this where the story ends? Far from it, in fact this is just the beginning of a long relationship based on trust and service should you choose. Big Motoring World stands head and shoulders above many of its competitors and why? It is because they can offer so much more than an impressive range of used cars. Peter Waddell has spent many years perfecting his plan to offer the complete service needed from sales to servicing, from finance to breakdown recovery. There is nothing that this group can't provide when it comes to the motoring experience.
The Big Body Shop is the branch of the business which deals with servicing and MOTs. A full service can be provided for any make or model and if you should need one a courtesy car can be provided whilst your vehicle is off the road. Booking an MOT couldn't be simpler and providing you phone early enough in the day, there can often be the opportunity to get a same day booking. If you want to wait for your car you can do so from the comfort of the viewing area – watch them while they work or maybe relax with the papers. Either way, you will receive a courtesy text to inform you when the work is complete and a notification of where to collect your vehicle from. This continuation of services to their clients means that not only do they get to build a relationship with each customer but they also get to know the vehicles which they work with on a daily basis.
The Big Body Shop also has a long history of fleet management. Peter as a businessman himself understands how important it is to maintain company vehicles in peak condition. This is why he can offer a service that is both cost effective and efficient – meaning that the cars are off road for as short a time as possible. There are also a number of opportunities to provide seamless repairs rather than replace expensive parts – but no work will be carried out without the express instructions of the client. Lightweight commercial vehicles can also be accommodated. But what happens if you are involved in an accident or simply require a repair? A phone call to their accident management department will have you swiftly on the move again and be able to deal with any issues for you. Breakdown and accident recovery can be arranged for you from anywhere in the country and a courtesy car delivered to your door. To make matters more convenient for you and reduce the impact that being without your car can cause the courtesy car is then collected from you when it is most convenient.
If your BMW or any other make requires repair, the team of technicians can provide you with a written estimate for the work, detailing not only a breakdown of costs but also realistic time scales for completion of the work. They can advise you completely free of charge on a myriad of queries and all advice is completely unbiased. This is a dealership which never resorts to a hard sell attitude – they don't need to as their trustworthy reputation precedes itself. All work and servicing are carried out in line with BMW current standards and you are kept informed every step of the way. If there are any difficulties you will be informed in advance and nothing will be done unless you give the definite go ahead. Using the latest diagnostic equipment helps to cut down the margin for error when determining where the problem may lie. It is this attention to detail and commitment to their customers that has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of positive testimonials. These too are something which can be viewed online – a record of the sheer numbers of happy customers who have passed through their doors. Many of which return time and again to make the best use of the services and offers which they can provide. So what happens if you do experience any problems or difficulties? Well, the obvious answer is to contact them immediately – they can't do anything to solve a situation if they are kept in the dark can they? As Peter says, he would rather that his customers contact him directly if they feel they aren't getting the service that they need. In some instances this hasn't always been the case and this is such a shame, because here is a man whose main aim in life is to do the best he can. Fortunately any instances like this seem to be problems which could have been easily rectified had Big Motoring World been informed – so even though they are not perfect, they are as near as anyone can get. Not only are they open seven days a week, you can also contact them out of hours if it becomes absolutely necessary.
If required they have the ability to contact insurance companies should you need them too. It is a common misconception that when using a garage that is not recommended that you must provide two quotations. Not only that, but many of us do not feel confident enough to argue a case. Big Motoring World can negotiate with your insurance company to get the job done as quickly as possible and have your car returned to you as soon as they are able to. They understand how inconvenient it is to be without your car for any length of time as nothing seems to be right on the door step anymore does it? The weekly shop becomes even more of a chore and the school run a lot more difficult to manage, let alone getting to work on time in the rush hour. Even if you decide to go ahead with a named garage from your insurance company, The Big Body Shop can provide you with a competitive written estimate for you to compare – that way you have everything you need to make an informed decision. The repairs themselves are of an outstanding quality largely due to the use of waterborne paints and are of course, subject to guarantee. These are mixed on site ensuring an exact colour match – you would never know that a repair had been carried out.
It is small wonder then that the Big Motoring World group are award winners. In 2010 they were awarded the "Independent Used Car Retailer of the Year" title and this happily coincided with an expansion of their premises at West Malling, Kent. Much more recently however, it has been the turn of the man at the hub of this empire. Mr Peter Waddell himself was the recipient of the "Outstanding Achievement of Year" award from Car Magazine in conjunction with Wheeler Dealers. A justly deserved award for the man who some may say, has put so much effort into raising the profile of used car dealerships throughout the country. As Mike him-self quotes "When you have been recognised with awards, you can see they must be doing something right." Never a truer word spoken, for this motoring group seems to be going from strength to strength. In fact in last few years Mr Waddell has gone into partnership with the Russ Thorn of the Aylesford Accident Repair Centre which has gone on to become the Big Body Shop that it is today. If that wasn't enough the team at Canterbury Motoring World have a collection of some of the best used Minis which can be found anywhere in the United Kingdom including Mini 1's, Mini Coopers, Mini Countryman as well as a range of prestige cars. These include amongst others, Mercedes, Audi and Land Rover. Such versatility for a used car dealership has led them to become the largest independent dealership in the whole of the country. This is largely due to their flag ship company Big Motoring World for the range of models that they carry – in excess of five hundred cars.
It is easy to see why Mike Brewer is happy to extol the virtues of this dealership. He says "I can see why Big Motoring World think they are the best, and now I can see that they are the biggest in the UK." Sentiments which can be said are shared by a great many and not just those who are in the public eye.

Review of Big Motoring World

Oliver found us online via our own website and was very happy with the stock quantity on the website, so he came down to have a look. He told us that we are very easy to find, as we are just off of the M20 and that he was very impressed with the overall site layout. I was able to easily find the car I wanted from Big Motoring World, as their main site is professionally laid out and I was able to spot the BMW I wanted almost instantly. When it came to the actual handover, there were a few minor problems, but my salesman, Carl, was able to sort them out very quickly.

Mr Butterfield heard about us via his family and friends who had purchased from Big Motoring World before. He actually realised that he had known about for 10 or so years, yet hadn’t visited us before. Upon arriving, Mr Butterfield informed us that he was very impressed with the overall experience and that he would happily recommend us to a friend. Big Motoring World has actually been near me for the past ten years and I hadn’t visited it before prior to my arrival at their main site in Kent. I was generally happy with the entire experience, as the car I purchased was perfect, as well as having no problems with the finance team and I was even able to drive it home the same day

Nischal first visited us just last week after hearing about Big Motoring World from a friend. He has since purchase a BMW 318 and was very pleased with the handover procedure and final presentation of his vehicle. He has told us that he has already recommended us to his friends and that he will be back to shop with us in future. As I arrived at Big Motoring World’s site in Kent, I was blown away at the amount of used BMWs they had for sale. I honestly felt a little out of my depth, but the salesman was very polite and efficient and helped me to find the car I had been looking for at a very reasonable price.

Mr Crawley has already purchased cars from us in the past and has always been impressed with our service. Since visiting us again, he has come away with a beautiful BMW 520d M Sport, which was in pristine condition and barely driven at all. He found that our service has become even more efficient than it was when he was last here. I was very impressed with my overall experience with Big Motoring World, as I always am whenever I go there. I was incredibly satisfied with the sales and handover procedures and I will be back in the future for another BMW. I would be happy to recommend them to a friend.

Mrs Spencer is a long-time customer of ours who first found us on the Autotrader website. She has visited many times in the past and recently came away with a BMW 320i Convertible. She has told us that the sale of the car was very smooth and that there was no pressure to buy anything she didn’t want to from our staff. The site of Big Motoring World was very busy when I visited last time, but the salesman was still happy to assist me, not something you still see nowadays. The handover for my car was very good and the final presentation of my car was excellent. I couldn’t wait to get in and drive it! I will certainly recommend them to all of my friends!

Additional Reviews on Big Motoring World

Raymond Butler, who ended up buying a BMW 325i M sport - BL57*** from us, had found us via Autotrader and thought we were reasonably easy to find. I found the overall experience to be very good and I have no complaints. I would certainly recommend Big Motoring World to a friend.

MIchael, who purchased a BMW 520d SE - WV08***, found both of our sales and finance departments to be very professional and helpful. He was also pleased with the handover and told us that we were very informative. He told us he would recommend us to a friend. I first heard about Big Motoring World through my son, who has purchased a vehicle there before. I thought the layout of the site was excellent and the staff were very helpful.

Liphor Lum, who came away from us with a BMW 320i SE - LG09***, first heard about us on the internet and thought that the entire experience was fantastic. He has told us he will be doing business again with us in future. I found that the overall experience was very helpful and informative. I will certainly be recommending Big Motoring World to my friends

D Miller, who has bought a BMW 525d M Sport - LG08***, found our site layout to be very good, stating it was easy to look around at the potential cars she wished to purchase.. She told us she would be recommending us to her friends. I first found Big Motoring World online and soon discovered that they were very easy to find. The sales process was very good, as the staff were very helpful and it is some of the best service I have ever received from a used car dealer.

G Martins, who now owns a BMW X5 d SE - PL07***, first found us on autotrader and told us that he found we were very easy to find. He has also told us that the site layout was very easy to pick from and that it was very organised. I found the sales process was very good, prompt, with very polite staff. The handover procedure was also brilliant. I am recommending Big Motoring World to all my friends.

Big Motoring World | Canterbury BMW

Here at Big Motoring World, our experienced team take great pride in the exceptional standard of our extensive range of services that we offer to both prospective customers and those who have purchased vehicles from us previously. Our long term attention to detail and ongoing commitment to complete customer care ensures that we are the largest dealership in the UK for pre-owned BMW's – a leader in the current market. This has been reflected in our 2010 Motor Trader award for used car retailer of the year. A visit to our comprehensive web site will present you with detailed information on all aspects of the BMW driving experience and will allow you the opportunity to browse many of the high calibre vehicles that we currently have available in stock. We advertise all of our BMW models using the Autos on Show software. Each vehicle is videod from a three hundred and sixty degree angle, so that our clients can view every aspect of the car as if they were really there. To support this, we provide a gallery of still photographs for each model together with a detailed description. All this before you even set foot through our doors! We aim to make your choices and ultimate selection as easy a process as we can possibly make it. You will also be able to read the vast array of positive customer testimonials that our posted on line, which show our clients' appreciation of our services – encouraging them to return to us on a frequent basis or to recommend us to friends and family. As well as our friendly and warm approach many of our clients appreciate that all their motoring needs can be catered to under one roof.

Big Motoring World like Canterbury BMW has the advantage of having a large team of qualified personnel who are fully trained in all areas as well as having many years experience in the motor trade - this enables us to offer a professional and comprehensive service from start to finish where nothing is ever left to chance. Our customers can rest assured that they will be given the best possible advice and the most up to date information. Our aim is to ensure that all of our valued clientele enjoy their visit to our premises and take advantage of everything that we have to offer in a relaxed and stress free environment. Our friendly sales force will take the time to establish exactly what it is you are looking for in a luxury pre owned BMW and will be able to provide you with some models that you may not previously have considered. All of these are available for you to test drive - but be warned - once driven, you will be spoiled for any other make of car!

Due to the recent expansion of our site in West Malling, Kent we have the facility to hold an extensive number of vehicles – up to approximately eight hundred at any given time– all of which are top of the range and of outstanding quality. None of these will make their way to the forecourt without thorough and stringent tests and checks being carried out, guaranteeing that each vehicle is in perfect condition before we allow our customers to view them. Our friendly and professional sales team will be able to lead you through the process of ascertaining your requirements and matching those needs to the perfect car for you – taking into account model, price and engine size. Big Motoring World and Canterbury BMW can make certain that every endeavour will be made to find you the car that will not put too much strain on your budget. We can then arrange for you to test drive each of the BMWs that match your requirements in order that you may gauge the quality of the driving experience. Many of our BMW's are under three years old and are therefore still covered by the manufacturer's original warranty which will give you added peace of mind. However we are able to provide you with a warranty from Warranties 2000 which can give you cover from between one to three years.

As an independent BMW specialist, Big Motoring World has the capacity to offer outstanding quality at incredibly competitive prices. We guarantee that our prices will not be beaten on any deal offered by all other main or specialist BMW dealers on a comparable vehicle. So it is well worth your while to take the time to inspect all of our top quality cars to compare price ranges. To ease the burden of financial strain that purchasing a new car often entails, allowing one of our FSA approved business managers to introduce you to a variety of finance packages to suit any budget, will put your mind at rest. A range of exclusive insurance products are also available to ensure that your car retains its peak condition and all eventualities are covered. We also welcome part exchange of your existing car as part payment for your new BMW. Many of our insurance products will ensure that your vehicle retains its optimum condition but will also completely cover you against any unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately life can sometimes throw a curve ball in the shape of long term illness or redundancy which can incur difficulty in making those monthly payments. We can offer comprehensive insurance cover to put your mind at rest.

As already stated, our vehicles at Canterbury BMW are fully inspected before they leave our site and our award winning, service department carry these out to an incomparable standard. Thoroughly subjecting each vehicle to a series of checks and inspections will guarantee that you receive your vehicle in prime condition. Our hand over team will take care of the final clearance before you take complete ownership of your car ensuring that everything has been taken care of in one smooth process and that all paperwork is present and correct.

At Big Motoring World like Canterbury BMW, our service doesn't end there. We provide a complete after care service which ensures that your vehicle remains in excellent condition. Our service department will take care of your BMW service requirements covering both SII and CBS up to BMW standards as a prerequisite. Using Autologic, we can offer a full diagnostics service at dealership level on all BMW models to find the source of any problems you may have and you can have an MOT while you wait. We are fully equipped to perform BMW MOT's and our viewing area allows you to relax and observe us while we work or maybe you have to work correspondence to catch up with. We will even send you a convenient text when we have finished! Same day appointments are available so it is worthwhile contacting us before 11 a.m. to check appointment availability.

Many the Big Motoring World and Canterbury BMW services are available not just to BMW vehicles but also to other makes and models. For example should you require vehicle recovery, we will be happy to come to your assistance and will also deal directly with your insurance company should you require. Our body shop is fully equipped with all the latest equipment to deal with all repairs from minor dents and scuffs to extreme road accident damage. We will be able to offer advice free of charge and follow this up with a written quotation together with expected time scales for the return of your vehicle.


Mr Kempster purchased a BMW 520d LC09 *** 
Having found Big Motoring World through a search on the internet. He commented...

"The whole process was very good from start to finish, no complaints. A few surface marks which were quickly rectified. I would be happy to recommend to a friend."


Mr Hewlett who recently collected his BMW 120d M Sport - YK11 *** 
He was another customer that found him BMW online.

"I was impressed with stock quantity so I came down to have a look. I found the site layout good, and easily found what he was looking for. Handover was very good - there were a few little problems but Carl quickly sorted them out."


Mr Butterfield had a BMW 730d - BX59 *** 
He made simular comments having heard about Big Motoring World from family and friends who had purchased cars in the past. In actual fact, his family have actually known the business for 10yrs?)

"Very impressed with the overall experience. Would be happy to recommend us to a friend."


Sarah Phillips decided on a BMW 116i SE - YC08 *** 
She had heard about "Big Motoring World" through a friend, who'd previously purchased from them. She said that the overall site presentation was great! All the cars were lined up perfectly, and all grouped together in the different models.
Once she had decided on her car, and made the purchase, the handover was again great, and very helpful.

"The final vehicle presentation was very good, car was ready waiting to go." 

D West purchased a BMW 318d ES - FD10 *** 
He had found the garage on the internet

"The whole experience at Big Motoring World was good from start to finish. I Would recommend to a friend."

Samantha Clarke went for a BMW 320d M Sport - YB10 ***
She had searched the internet, and since "Big Motoring World" were so easy to find, went along to have a look, where she found tehe overall presentation of the site was really good.

"Both sales and handover process' were very good, all staff work and communicate well together."

Steve Asher purchased a BMW 330i M Sport Convertible - YL57 ***
After finding an advert oin Autotrader, he went along to West Malling to see what cars were on offer. Once there, he found the site layout to be exceptional, with everything well presented and grouped according to model and series. 

"The site layout was very good, easy to find the convertibles."


Big Motoring World Reviews

Mrs Davidson
(BMW 330d M Sport)
Found us on the internet & thought we were easy to find.
The overall site layout was good.
The sales process was good.
Handover again was good.

Mr Collins
(BMW X5 - **55 ***) 
Has purchased a car off us in the past and was impressed by the quantity of stock and service received.
Found the overall site layout very good, "gets better every time I come back!"
The sales and finance departments work very well together and everyone is very helpful.
The handover was good.
Would recommend to a friend.

Mr Wood
(BMW 630i Sport - **10 ***) 
Found us online, thought we were very easy to find, the directions on the website are good.
The overall site presentation was good.
The sales team are very friendly and welcoming. The salesman Jamie was very efficient and helpful.

Mrs Guy
BMW 635D M Sport - **10 *** 
The overall site presentation was good, easy to find the right car.
The final vehicle presentation was good.
Would recommend to a friend.

Mr Mapjan
Found us on Autotrader.
"The layout of the site was excellent." 
The sales and finance teams were both very friendly. The salesman had a good knowledge of the product, Sam was very helpful. The handover department were very good and well organised. The vehicle was well prepared and ready for collection, was well presented and very clean.

(BMW 523i M Sport - **57 *** 
Found us on the internet, when searching for a BMW. He then came across the Big Motoring World Website. He was then impressed with amount of stock so came to have a look. The site layout was good and easy to find the right group of cars. The overall experience with Big Motoring World was good, from start to finish, no complaints. 

Mr Pyman

BMW 645Ci Coupe - **04 ***

Found these guys on the internet, and they had the right car for me.The site layout was good and easy to follow, The sales guys were great, My collection was so easy, I will recommend Big Motoring World to my family and friends.

'Positive' Reviews

Adam LG09***: Adam first discovered us on the Autotrader website and thought we were easy to find. He tells us that he thought the overall site presentation was brilliant and that the sales experience was very good. He has also informed us that he was well looked after and the salesman made it very easy. During my time with Big Motoring World, I found the handover procedure was brilliant and was very simple. The final vehicle presentation was good, no scratches and everything seems to be in working order. We have already recommended Big Motoring World to our friends and will be back to buy another car!

Gavin YD10***: Gavin first about heard about us through his brother, who had previously purchased from us. When travelling to get to us, he found that we were easy to locate. He also discovered, to his delight that the overall site presentation was excellent. When I found Big Motoring World in Kent, at the suggestion of my brother, I found the sales process was great. I have since visited a few times to see more from this excellent trader and overall, it is a great buying experience. The finance department were excellent, helping with the various forms of payments and helping to organise them. I would certainly recommend Big Motoring World to a friend.

Andrew YK58 *** : Andrew first heard about us through a friend and quickly discovered that we were easy to find on both map and via the Internet. I found that the overall experience was good, with very few problems and I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Lynne LA10***: Lynne first found out about us on Autotrader and thought we were very easy to find. Since visiting and purchasing her car, she has told us that the site presentation was wonderful.
When I first visited Big Motoring World, I found out that the sales process was easy and an enjoyable experience. The handover itself was quick and efficient and I have already recommended them to a friend.

Bruno RJ59***: Bruno found us on the internet, via a very quick search on his selected search engine and discovered that we are very easy to locate. He found that the handover was very efficient and he has told us that he would recommend to a friend
Overall, I found that the site layout was good and I was very impressed with the amount of the 7 series I was looking for. The sales process was excellent and the salesman was very helpful.

Jianhua MF59***: Jianhua first located us on the Autotrader website, whilst searching for a quality used BMW. She has told us that she thinks we were very easy to find via our easily accessible location and proximity to the M20 .
When I first visited Big Motoring World, I was a little nervous. However, the overall experience was good and the team was very helpful. I would most certainly recommend to a friend.

Levett GX56***: Mr Levett first found us through an internet search and thought we were very easy to pinpoint. He tells us that he found the overall site presentation was very respectable. He also informs us that he found the sales process to be very good, although it was over the phone.
After selecting my car at Big Motoring World, I found to my delight that the handover process was great and very efficient. The final vehicle presentation was very good, with little to no damage to the car and everything was in full working order. I would recommend to a friend.

Graham RJ09***: Graham first discovered us on the Autotrader website and has told us that he believed we were quite easy to find.
I found my overall experience at Big Motoring World to be very good and I would certainly recommend them to a friend.

Tami LL58***: Tami first found us online via our own website and thought we were very easy to find. She has told us that the final vehicle presentation was very good and she would definitely recommend to a friend.
The experience at Big Motoring World was good and I found the staff members at the handover stage were very helpful. The handover was very quick and efficient and my vehicle is in perfect working order.

Loretta LLZ2***: Loretta first heard about us through Pinnacle Finance and decided to find out more. After a quick internet search, she found we were very easy to find. She has since visited and disclosed to us that the site layout was really good and told us that it was easy to find the right car she wanted.
I found that the whole experience with Big Motoring World was brilliant, and I certainly have no complaints. I am recommending them to all of my friends.

Mike VN58***: Mike found us on Auto Trader and decided to come and pay us a visit. After checking out some other sites, He came down to the showroom to have a test drive and to complete a deal for the car He was interested in. He found our sales team very helpful and polite and found us all in all a great place to buy a car from. I found the collection even easer and my car looked great, I had no complaints at all, I would recommend these guys to anyone.

Gary ST05***: Gary found us on Auto Trader and came and paid us a visit. He found the site was very well presented and easy to find what he was looking for, The buying experience was great, not pushy and very helpful and quick and easy. The collection was even better, I arrived a little sooner than expected, so i sat down in the collection waiting area and had a cup of coffee while watching TV at the same time, My collection was great, My car looked great and i had No complaints, I will certainly recommend these guys to my friends and family. Well done Big Motoring World.

Kim GP57***: Kim found us via a search engine and paid us a visit. I found the site was clean and efficient and all the staff very helpful and polite. My purchase was nice and easy, My collection was even better, never been dealt with so quick and easy, I have no complaints so far. I was handed my keys and my whole world became my oyster, The BMW looked great and even had a new car smell inside, what a smile i had. I will recommend these guys.

Emily NX09***: Emily saw us on TV via our advert we had running on ITV. She checked us out with other sites and found we were outstanding value, So she purchased her Used Bmw from us, The whole experience from start to finish was outstanding, I had never been spoken to in such a friendly manner, I was made up. My collection was great, The lady who dealt with me was polite and very friendly, My car looked great and i left Big Motoring World very happy.

Nick DE59***: Nick was recommend to us from a family member who had purchased many vehicles from us over the years. We had what he was looking for, he spoke with the sales team who he found very helpful and polite. The deal was done, and I got a great price for my part exchange. The lady in collections was very helpful and polite, and went all through the paperwork with me, she even helped me put a private plate on my new car, now thats service. I will recommend these guys to anyone.

Renay AV58***, Renay found us via auto trader, she had visited many other sites, but found we had more to offer in value and greater choice. She decided to go ahead with the purchase and was over the moon with the deal we gave her. She got a good price for her part exchange. Sophie was great on collection, she did all of my paperwork for me, which did save me a lot of time and effort, she explained the car cockpit to me, which was great, also my Used Bmw looked like new. I will recommend these guys to anyone.

Callum YE59***, Callum found us on the internet, I found the site very easy on the A20, and found it clean and organised, The sales staff were very helpful and pointed me in the right direction, so i could find what I was looking for. I done the deal, agreed to some minor repairs before collection and paid my deposit, the repairs were even put on my invoice so I could check on my return. On collection my car looked great and the jobs agreed pre sale were all carried out. Sophie was great too, very polite and went over the controls with me. I have no problem in recommending these guys to family and friends.

Mark GU58***, Mark saw us on the Auto Trader website, I found their site on the A20 between Maidstone & West Malling, it was well laid out, clean and tidy. My sales experience was very professional and polite. We done a deal and paid our deposit. On collection of my BMW, it was quick, easy and polite, all of the paperwork was complete, the lady explained everything to me, even down to the excess on the warranty. I will have No problem recommending these to friends and family.

Matt RE09***, Matt was recommended to us. He found us on the A20 and found our site was presented well and looked great. Salesman was great, had a test drive, showed me all the paperwork and I left a deposit. My collection was excellent and very smooth, all of my paperwork was completed, the lady showed me to my BMW and it looked great, I will have no problem recommending Big Motoring World to friends and family.

William MK56***, William was recommend to us by his sister, He found us on the A20 with ease, the site was well presented and the sales team were very helpful and polite, I left a deposit and the paperwork was done. My collection was very quick and simple, all paperwork was complete, Sophie went over the controls with me. I have no problem in recommending these to anyone.